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The Mission. To provide a fast, efficient and relatively painless remedy for customers unfortunate enough to have a problem with an Electric Factory product. The Reseller benefits through... Minimising the angst and stress directed at store folk by customers having a bad warranty experience. Reduced warranty management costs. Improved customer relationships. Follow two simple steps.. First, we ask that you check that the equipment is faulty or that there is a reasonable probability that it is. Click the green Warranty Application button, fill in the blanks then press Submit. In return we’ll aim at emailing a Warranty Return Authorisation to you within 3 hours. But even at worst case you'll have your approval by start-of- business the following day.
Housekeeping and rules 1 Please ensure there is an equipment problem rather than a user or peripheral glitch 2 Fill in the Warranty Application form and submit it. Please take particular note of the proof-of-purchase requirements. If the product is from your shop stock simply enter the Elfa invoice number under cover of which it was shipped. If it is a customer repair please provide an electronic copy of your sales invoice; either by attaching it to the web application or by email to ra@elfa.com.au. 3 After you’ve submited the application you’ll receive a confirmation email containing a reference number. Note that this is not your WRA number, your WRA will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment a short time later. 4 Print and attach a copy of the WRA to the gear and send it to the nominated repair point. DO NOT send warranty product to a repairer until you have a WRA and then only send products to the repairer WE SPECIFY; whilst we will try to accommodate your preference we reserve the right to choose the repairer. Our repairers all understand our "No WRA, No Pay" rule so any products arriving at ELFA or a repairers without a WRA go straight into the *"Lost Dogs Home". . 5 Upon receipt of the gear it will be repaired or replaced without delay then returned, freight paid, to your Store or, if specified it in your application, an alternative address.
Warranty Repairs may only be initiated by Authorised Electric Factory Resellers. Please email ra@elfa.com.au to obtain a warranty application form access password
Resellers ONLY