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Product Upgrade
Software companies periodically release “new improved” or upgraded versions of their products and whilst this is generally good, on occasions it can adversely impact on the operation of customers 3rd party hardware devices. Operating system upgrades can be quite troublesome; particularly when the software company doesn't work with its licensed 3rd party Manufacturers during O/S development. Often neither 3rd party Manufacturers nor customers are aware of the degree of backward compatability that's been lost and its commensurate impact on their systems until after an O/S upgrade has been released to the market . Although 3rd party manufacturers generally try to cater for quirks in a new O/S in those situations where the Cone of Silence prevails there's an inevitable delay because until the new O/S is released they can't even begin a fix. In many cases changes can be effected by customers downloading and installing new firmware but in others the upgrade is more involved and becomes a workshop job. When this happens we try to ease the pain by making available our ServIce Centre resources.
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