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About Paid Repairs
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How it works Incoming paid repairs undergo a $44 GST inclusive Inspection Service that allows us to provide an estimate of the likely repair cost. If you decide to proceed with the repair we waive the $44 fee. Conversely, if you decide the likely cost is not warranted your maximum exposure is $44 plus return freight. And the hourly cost General audio and musical, amps, small mixers and the like $88 inc GST High Tech, pro audio, studio equipment, synths and audio interfaces $121 inc GST The fine print Repair time; we aim for a two week turnaround but this may vary depending on our warranty repair workload and the availability of product specific parts. Guarantees; all repairs are covered for 90 days from the date of invoicing. How to proceed Click the Paid Repair Application button, fill in the blanks and we’ll email you a Return Authorisation and shipping details by return. Once we’ve received and assessed your kit we’ll contact you with our repair estimate and request your instructions; proceed or exit stage left? And a hint, please give us as much information as possible; a detailed description of the problem, how and when it occurs and what other gear is involved. Remember, the more information you provide us the faster we sort it and the less it costs you.
What we repair Products and equipment manufactured or distributed by companies currently represented in Australia by Electric Factory Pty Ltd provided that they have been legitimately purchased through our Electric Factory Authorised Reseller Network We reserve the right to decline to service or repair equipment that has been parallel imported or otherwise brought to Australia. Note however that we don’t wish to penalise touring muso's or legitimate immigrants. If you have a good story we’re prepared to listen. What we don’t repair Products that have been modified or "improved" by one of the legions of experts who appear to believe they know better than the original designer. Nor do we restore previously modified products back to their original state. Products not distributed by Electric Factory. We are not general repairers. Products for which we are unable to source appropriate spare parts or for which we cannot honestly provide a realistic repair warranty.
Paid Repair Application Paid Repair Application