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You have a question or need a little help? Argus started in sound back in the days of steam powered radio, Altec NOALA's, Neumann U67's, Raycophone heads on C&W mechs, Ampex & Nagra reel to reels and Moviola editing desks. Ah yes, the good old days when 20 (real) Watts into a Voice of the Theatre or A7 cabinet could fill a 1000 seat movie house. Although things have changed a bit since those days one thing remains constant; the need for accurate information and occasional advice about your gear - without having to sift throught the morass of often half baked opinion that passes for fact on the new electric internet. Gurus all. If you're confused, puzzled, worried or just plain curious about one of our Electric Factory distributed products you've come to the right place. Although we don't pretend to know everything, during Electric Factory’s 40 years we’ve learned a thing or two and as we also have direct access to our major principals’ support and development teams we certainly know who to ask when we get a toughy. Welcome
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