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Electric Factory Service
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Electric Factory Service is the Service, Spare Parts and Product Support division of Electric Factory. ... in addition to our extensively resourced, fully equipped Service Centre in Thomastown where we maintain and support an Australia-wide network of qualified, highly skilled Authorised Repairers all of whom are at your disposal. Regardless of where you live or where your tour takes you we will be there to support you. And our Spare Parts operation is the best in the industry. We stock almost 8,000 individual parts lines covering both current and legacy products from the over 30 legendary manufacturers proudly represented in Australia by Electric Factory. Check them out at www.elfa.com.au
About us
Please direct Warranty and parts enquiries to them at the following email addresses; meinlservice@elfa.com.au mapexservice@elfa.com.au hardcaseservice@elfa.com.au herculesservice@elfa.com.au gonbopsservice@elfa.com.au
In addition to the support for electronic products provided by Electric Factory Service, ELFA Product Specialists are available for warranty and parts support questions and advice relating to our Acoustic Drum and Percussion instruments and cases.